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Why Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is not 11.0?

flashplayer Well, it seems quite late to ask this”┬Žagain, but I’d like to know why?

This update of Adobe Flash Player is huge, and is also the first version from Open Screen Project. It’s super fast, it’s mobile optimized, it’s multi-touch enabled, it’s everything Flash Player 10.0 was not.

I don’t see a reason why Adobe don’t want to call it version 11.0? Anyone else want to know or maybe know why?

Update: I already went through Emmy’s post regarding version numbering. I just think this is a major update, so the change in version number should be major?

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  2. Yeah but you know if they called it flash player 11 heaps of people would complain that there aren't enough new features. Its really just optimizing the features we already have, which is by no means a small achievement, but it doesn't really warrant a whole new version.

  3. Well, I think this version have more new features and enhancements as compared to version 9 to 10. It's really a big update to Flash Player.

    And also, Adobe is making really big hype about this new version, they didn't do this much for version 10.

    My guess is, Adobe is trying to copy MS, what they did with Win 7, which is version 6.1. But MS explained why they did it. Adobe didn't so far.

    // chall3ng3r //

  4. If we're thinking positively, Adobe should already planning the 11.0 release, especially when i saw that only mobile flash player got GPU acceleration renderer for now. Since Flash Player's largest distribution platform is desktop/notebook, maybe Adobe planning 11.0 version to offer incredible feature or encanched programming language? who knows :)

  5. Hmm… yeah that could be interesting.

    But my point here is same. This currently in Beta / RC of Flash Player 10.1 have all the great new enhancements needed for name it a major version. Why Adobe didn't?

    Maybe Adobe should describe or explain their decision about making this update a minor version. Like MS did :)

  6. In the end this is a decision made by Adobe marketing rather than anyone working on the product. It's why Adobe employees always refer to the next version of Creative Suite as “Creative Suite Next” or “CS Next”, because it's up to marketing department what the product will be called, even through it's been previous obvious for a while now that they are just bumping up whole numbers.

    Now, I think it's 10.1 because the big push is to get the Flash Player onto mobile devices and it's an easier sell to people that Flash Player 10 content works fine and perhaps just needs to add multitouch events.

    On the other side, I think it's to keep some developers expectations in check, as before Adobe MAX09 people were blogging their wish lists and many had a lot of new features. As on the desktop while a lot has been done to improve performance, with the exception of multi-touch, global error handlers, some new video features, very little new has been added to this release.

  7. Your points make sense. I hope to see some official explanation from Adobe. But they don't, I will take your words :)

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