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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Update – Thanks Adobe for removing ugly installer

Today I got another update notification for Adobe Flash Player 10.1. The first thing I noticed that the notification looked prettier than the last update. I really hated that ugly Adobe Download Manager or ADM in short. Take a look how it was in previous update:

adm-1  adm-2

In installation process, ADM was downloaded first which was almost the same download size of the Flash Player itself, so I don’t get why Adobe used it in the first place. If it supports resume-able downloads, then Adobe should only use it for downloading trial versions of Adobe CS products.

Adobe Flash Player Update

This new version features better hardware acceleration, multi-touch and gestures, private browsing support and as always enhanced performance and memory management. Read more here.

I am happy that Adobe now have switched back to better and tiny (only ~2.8MB total) installer. The update notification included summary about what new features it offers and links for more details.

The only thing which I’ve been asking Adobe to put in these update dialogs is complete version numbers of the currently installed Flash Player, and new version. So the user could know what exact version he is upgrading to.







The overall Flash Player update experience was great this time. Excellent job Adobe!

// chall3ng3r //


  1. Glen says:

    Totally agree with you. The fact it works properly helps a lot too. I particularly liked the uninstall option – watch the progress bar drop :)

    1. I recommended Adobe that they should use the same approach as MS used with Silverlight. In the right-click About dialog, they put complete details about the current version, button to check for new updates and also website storage management for Silverlight apps.

      We know MS have copied a lot of features from Flash into Silverlight, so Adobe shouldn’t be shy to copy somthing back from Silverlight which can help Flash platform.

      // chall3ng3r //

  2. Ryan says:

    I agree on the version numbers! I would also love to see an easy way to check the version number in the flash player without it having to open a website. Seems like that would be really easy to do with a ‘click here to check the most recent version’ in the about or as another menu choice. Or an ‘update to most recent version’.

  3. How would I know that adobe Flash 10.1 update is complete? thank-you..I am on aol, then i go to Internet 8 Explorer

    1. Hi Robin,

      You can goto http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ in your primary web browser to check which version of Flash Player you have, and if you need to update it.

      // chall3ng3r //

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