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Silverlight, the Flash killer is here!

Finally Microsoft released Silverlight v1.0 to masses. Before 5 Sep 2007, only developers were using it. it had 0% penetration on Internet connected systems. Lets see how it goes.

Also, there is new update of Silverlight 1.1 alpha.

I’m really excited about this new technology. As i love to R&D, i will surely give it a try. i already have some ideas where to use it ;)

// chall3ng3r //


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  2. Flash killer? Kind of premature to say that. Flash is very entrenched and even if silverlight is proven to be superior then it will still take quite a while to chip into Flash’s market share. Coming from micro$oft I’m skeptical but will be open-minded. The first demo’s of video don’t do much more than streaming quicktime or flash video can already do.

  3. Agree. Silverlight is a small kid in front of over 90% panetrated & in 9th ganeration of Flash. but people call Silverlight, a Flash killer, maybe because it copies many features of Flash ;)

    // chall3ng3r //

  4. the fact that microsoft developed this app should be much more than a reason not to use it! i mean come one, just think about the why macromedia came out with flash and why microsoft starts an app witch should be something like the same. microsoft just hast the money to do that. i mean look at microsoft maps: uuuuups there is google out with some cool map thing. allright lets copy it. we hae the money! f*** microsoft.

  5. Well, we still have to see how it goes. yes, MS have enough money for making good marketing of Silverlight :P

    There’re many MS developers jealous of Flash’s richness, will for the first time feel the power of real RIAs. Let them taste it ;)

    // chall3ng3r //

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