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Apollo is AIR, Flex 3 is Beta, Flash Player 9 is Accelerated

Its now public, Apollo is now officially named AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) by Adobe.

There’s a new beta version of the runtime is available along with the SDK on Adobe Labs.

The other good news is, Flex 3 beta is also released on Adobe Labs. Flex 3 beta supports development of AIR applications.

The two other things that I almost missed are, AIR extension for Dreamweaver, which you can use for packaging and previewing AIR applications right from Dreamweaver.

There’s an update of Flash Player 9. This update features some bug fixes and hardware acceleration support for video playback in full screen mode.

Do you know what i want to do now, AAAAAAAAAAAAH (MJ Style ;))

// chall3ng3r //

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