www.orison.biz is now IE7 safe :)

We have been waiting for public beta 2 of IE7 to upate our website for ActiveContent compatibility.

We’ve just updated www.orison.biz, have a look. and if someone encounters any errors, kindly report them using our contact form.

If you haven’t tried latest IE7 beta 2, and wanna see how it looks. you can see some screenshots on my flickr photostream

// chall3ng3r //

3 thoughts on “www.orison.biz is now IE7 safe :)”

  1. hi Irfan,

    yeah you’re right. my blog engine is based on WrodPress. so i’ll need to edit it’s template php file to put the script there.

    i was looking to upgrade my blog to latest version of WordPress, thats why i didn’t touched the blog template. maybe i’ll do it soon.

    the Orison’s main website, that is http://www.orison.biz is 100% active content compatible.

    // chall3ng3r //

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