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Apollo Hits The Labs – Next release for Mobile, WOW

Its looking great, and amazing. though, it didn’t worked for me straight away :|

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate, Apollo installer goes fine with installation, and shows successful installation message. But the .air file extension is not mapped with anything. There’s a post in Apollo forums about this, so looking forward for solution. I will try it in my VirtualPC VM later.

Also, I received a newsletter from SDTimes, which includes news about Apollo release on Adobe Labs, but the interesting thing I noticed in newsletter is:

Future releases will add PDF and improved AJAX support; the first version also works with HTML, JavaScript, Flash and Flex. This release is focused on Macintosh desktops and Windows PCs, and Polanco said the next release will work with Linux and mobile devices. Apollo is expected to be generally available by the end of the year.

(Luis Polanco, senior product manager for Apollo)

Wowow. Cool news for Flash Lite developers ;)

// chall3ng3r //


  1. Ciao,

    that’s cool!! I wonder if they used the same WebKit as the Nokia S60 Browser. I think it would make perfect sense.


  2. […] Via Faisal, yesterday Apollo Alpha was released on Adobe Labs. Today Faisal posted this cool news that next release of Apollo will target Linux and mobile devices! […]

  3. Apollo en Linux y dispositivos Mobiles!

    Crei que dejaria de escribir sobre Apollo por hoy pero no, las noticias siguen saliendo, ahora en un post en FLASHISM leo que probablemente a finales de este año salga un nuevo Release de Apollo con soporte para Linux y…

  4. Ciao,

    Yeah, my guess is same. Nokia has already built the S60 browser with WebKit.

    lets see how things go.

    // chall3ng3r //

  5. Apollo mobile would be great!

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