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Intel have iPhone and Adobe have AIR Mobile

(via apcmag.com) Google Alerts is a cool service. I’ve been using it for months now, and it brings me thing I want to know :)

Google Alerts took me to this interesting article by apcmag.com.

During this morning’s session on mobile Internet devices, Intel’s senior veep for ultra mobility Anand Chandrasekher produced a prototype device which looked like a stretch limo version of the iPhone which he spruiked as “mostly all screen, you can read it very nicely; it’s very slim, very thin.”

The other part of article is a bit more interesting, as it shows AIR based media player running on a Asus’s UMPC. Looks like AIR Mobile getting close ;)

air mobile umpc

Read the full article at source.

I am desperate to know what Adobe have to show at MAX 2007 :D

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