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SokoLite & GameCentral – built with SWF2Go

Pasi Manninen recently released his new Flash Lite games on his website. SokoLite is addictive puzzle game with upto 100 levels built into it, users can download more levels from internet as well.

GameCentral is a multi-user gaming platform, currently featuring 3 games, Pente, TicTacToe and Checkers. There’s a trial version of GameCentral available at http://ptm.fi/

Both games are built with SWF2Go Professional for S60 2nd Edition and S60 3rd Edition mobile devices.

I believe there will be lot of Flash Lite games and applications coming pretty soon ;)

We are planing to create a section on our website for featured Flash Lite applications built with SWF2Go Professional. So, if you have made a nice Flash Lite application, send its info, we will feature it on our website.

// chall3ng3r //

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  1. Francesco Degano says:

    for me level 68 is impossible!!!!
    What can you tell me?

    thank you


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