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New project: Make SVG icons for Symbian from any image – Free!

I am glad to announce our latest online project SVG2Go, for mobile developers targeting Symbian platform. As the name suggests, SVG2Go is for making cool looking SVG icons from any image file. And best of all, it’s online and free ;)

Start using SVG2Go online here: http://www.orison.biz/apps/svg-icon-maker/

Icons made with SVG2Go can be used for all Symbian applications made using Symbian C++, Qt and Flash Lite. Even you can use it with our other product SWF2Go, to rapidly develop cool games and applications using Flash Lite and publish them on Ovi Store.

Until now, making a nice looking SVG icon was a really hard task. The icon made using Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape doesn’t look the way designer created them, when it appeared on mobile device. Let me give you an example:


You might have checked out the Disney sponsored Tron : Tanks Arcade game on Ovi Store, made from the Tron : Legacy movie theme. Take a look it’s icon, no offense to anyone here, but I’m guessing that the developer might have not been able to produce a better icon in time, so he used this one, which doesn’t look good enough. But, the game is quite impressive, smooth graphics and play experience.

Using SVG2Go, anyone can make a really nice SVG icon instantly using the same Photoshop raster artwork. No need to experiment with SVG-T or fiddling with viewbox property. The output SVG icon looks exactly as you have made them. No tweaking needed.

As always, bellow is the screenshot of SVG2Go in action.


Give it a try, and do let us know of your experience with it, or any suggestions you might have. And don’t forget to share it with your fellow Symbian developers.

// chall3ng3r //


  1. Nice, but developers need transparency support. They should have a tool which allow at least to select transparency color. Templates is not enough.

  2. Hello Truf,

    Well, you can actually use any PNG / GIF with transparency. Just edit your artwork in tool of your choice, Photoshop, Gimp, Paint/Paint.Net etc.

    The main idea of this tool is to produce an icon which appears in phone’s menu exactly as designer have designed it, without tweaking SVG after export.

    You can even try some free icons from iconfinder.com or similar resources ;)

    // chall3ng3r //

  3. I have been trying for months to accomplish this. Illustrator always rasterized my gradients when converting to SVG Tiny. Great jobs guys!!

    1. Rhod, thanks for appreciation.

      SVG2Go actually uses the raster image inside SVG, but the output icon is highly optimized to display 1:1 on latest Symbian devices such as Nokia N8 or C7.

      We will keep it up-to-date based on users feedback and as new Symbian devices are released.

      // chall3ng3r //

  4. It’s amazing,good job guys.
    this .svg icon has high quality even when showing smaller than real size.

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