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Adobe DevNet Reloaded!!! (my review)

Wow, it looks so sexy! more contents area, better section management, and eye-catchy JS animations. It simply rocks!!!

Adobe Developer Connection

I have sent many requests to Macromedia (now Adobe) about changing layout of DevNet. But the wait is over. The new DevNet is also renamed to Adobe Developer Connection, ADC in short :)

adc - section1

The main sections are expandable, showing main categories links. as soon as you click the section heading, it expands itself with eye catchy JS animation.

adc - section2

The featured section also slides left/right. This is also done via JS animation.

adc - section3

adc - section4

ADC’s layout has utilized the over 950px content area quite well, when you go to reading view of any article, you’ll see big fonts, which makes it easy to read and adds elegance to overall look of the content.

adc - section5

I found a broken link, in the Featured > Mobile section there’s a link for Flash Lite 3 update for Device Central, when you click it, you’ll get the 404 error. maybe Adobe will make the link live on the start of MAX2007 ;)

adc - section6

Individual product Developer Centers are also updated with this new layout.

In an introductory article for ADC, Jonathan Wall from Adobe describes that ADC is a portal for developers, and it features introNetwork, a social networking engine to get connected to other designers and developers on ADC. Seems like a brilliant idea.

There will be also AIR based ADC Desktop application to track Flex bugs on your desktop. It will be released in MAX2007.

I would add that this was a much needed overhaul to DevNet, and I must admit that Adobe has done it in great style. Its just my guess that Adobe might be updating the Adobe Home and Design Center as well.

Here I’d like to point Adobe to a very old bug on their feedback / whish form. Couple of days back I tried to post a feature suggestion for content on DevNet, and again got same old error on submit. Its nice time to fix this as well, and I’d suggest using a CF based back-end rather than .CGI

Visit my flickr’s photo stream for a all expanded screenshot of the ADC home page.

For me, its a pleasant surprise from Adobe, and I’m expecting many more as well from MAX2007 :)

// chall3ng3r //


  1. couldn’t agree more mate. I was really pleased to see the new changes this morning. It’s the first time I’ve changed my ‘home page’ on the browser for ages. It’s really nice work. The desktop app sounds really interresting too.

    Adobe have always made me feel part of a lively community and this is another step in the right direction.

    – tinylion –

    10 print “tinylion ”
    20 goto 10
    30 rem “was this really 1983, feels like only yesterday.”

  2. […] (via Faisal) – Great re-design work for the Adobe DevNet website (now Adobe Developer Connection)! It looks nice and clear, I like it. There’s also a brand-new social network just for developers and designers: ADC introNetwork. […]

  3. That’s great, thanks a lot pal.

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