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/private is useless for Flash Lite developers

During development of SWF2Go Professional, we tried to implement /private folder security for S60 3rdEd in SWF2Go. We did it, but it only worked for single SWF based FL games/applications, so we dropped this.

If you make a FL game/app which loads txt/swf/media files installed in same /private folder as main SWF is in, FL won’t be able to access these files, and “Unable to load data” error is shown.

This is because S60 3rdEd apps can only access their own private folder, and in FL case, our SWF files are installed in its own private folder, so FL player cannot access them.

Have to look around for some other way for SWF content protection.

// chall3ng3r //


  1. Ciao,

    so it’s the Flash Lite player runtime that cannot access the swf application folder., which makes perfect sense looking at the security of 3rd Ed Nokias.


  2. yes. S60 3rdEd is secure :)

    i’m not sure about it, but on S60 2ndEd, mem card file system is FAT, so one can read the contents of the card using card reader.

    i haven’t played much with 3rdEd phones, so not sure about it, does 3rdEd phones also use FAT on the mem card? if yes, its not secure. anyone can install the applications on mem card, and can easily access them using card reader, even sys folder.

    I the news recently, i read somewhere that WinMobile 2006 have security option which makes mem card contents encrypted, and can only be opened on the same device.

    // chall3ng3r //

  3. private folder is not on card but in memory of device

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