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Can’t afford GPRS charges for testing? Use GnuBox to share your PC’s internet connection with mobile

Few months back when bought my Nokia 6260, i found that new nokia smartphones does not allows to share PC’s internet connection.

I started to search in forums to do that,  i found GnuBox and installed it on my device following the instructions on it’s website. on the first few attempts i failed and removed it from my device.

few days back, i tried again, but this time i formated my device so the old settings get deleted. i downloaded new pdf guide for nokia 7610 on GnuBox’s website. i followed exact steps, and BINGO!!!

i worked on first attempt this time. i have following configurations:
Nokia 6260
Windows XP SP2
China made USB dongle (quite cheap here in PK)
XP SP2’s built-in USB drivers (no WIDCOMM)

now i test my FlashLite applications and call webservices on my local network from FlashLite applications on mobile device. i also use it for testing other FlashLite applications.

i think FlashLite developers will like this tool quite helpful in thier daily FlashLiting.

// chall3ng3r // 

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  1. HussanAli says:

    It does not work with Pc.

  2. which smartphone you have? did you followed the correct tutorial for setup?

    i’m hapily using it on my Nokia 6681.

    // chall3ng3r //

  3. hi, i have nokia 7610, where can i possible download Gnubox for my nokia 7610>>>? can you please help me? thanks in advance………..

  4. help !!! says:

    the website is down
    please upload the guide if you can

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