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Just got my PDC2005 kit today

Same kind of kit that i got last year. I was expecting trials & betas of VS.Net2005, Longhorn and other latest MS products.

But this time again just few CDs with some very basic asp.net stuff. Videos of developing applications in VS.Net2005. My question is, how do I start developing asp.net2 applications without VS.Net2005?

Contents of the PDC2005 kit:

  • My Pro entry card
  • PDC2005 Bag
  • Writing pad
  • Pen
  • A buch of CDs with Videos & Intros (No trials/betas ware)
  • Spider Mag (This mag don’t even have single bite on .net)

I wish MS could take note of it in future PDCs.

// chall3ng3r //


  1. “The Goods”
    Wait until you see how much software you’ll get at PDC05. Along with the latest builds of Windows Vista and WinFX, you’ll get a last-minute release of Visual Studio 2005. We’re at 10 gigabytes already, and counting. You may need to check this in as baggage on your way home, so strap yourself in and head to LA for the ultimate download.

  2. well, we didn’t get much form M$ then,

    goodluck for the PDC LA ;)

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