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Labs, Flex2 & Flex Builder2, FlashPlayer 8.5 & ActionScript 3, much more

Macromedia recently announced a lot of new things. Here’s a much brief summary.

  • Macromedia Labs – a new resource for developers to keep informed & try out latest technologies Macromedia is working on
  • Flex2 & Flex Builder2 – the latest update of Macromedia Flex, adding new great features for RIA development. . Flex Builder2 is built on top of Eclipse platform which allows greater development experience
  • Flash Player 8.5 & ActionScript 3 – with greater performance and new VM (Virtual Machine) allows better runtime error handling, implements ECMAScript for XML (E4X), regular expressions, runtime type and much more.

Also on DevNet, there are many new articles, check them out as well.

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