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Unable to download alpha bits from Macromedia Labs

I want to apeal to Macromedia to make the alpha product downloads resumable, developers like me on low bandwidth (56k modem) cannot download such huge files in one go.

I don’t get the idea behind non-resumable downloads, if number of connections is the issue, Macromedia can use public FTP server and limit number of connections from one IP.

I’ve already sent many requests to Macromedia by wish form, but until now its same. :(

// chall3ng3r //


  1. I just checked with Robin Ducot of the Macromedia web team (I’m sitting in a booth at MAX while she’s chatting on a couch in the lounge) and she says it’s definitely something we want to get done, but there are a couple of technical issues in the way right now, due to the dependencies on a site this size. I’m sorry I don’t have anything clearer, but if it’s of help, then the sentiment is definitely shared by folks here… just takes awhile to move larger sites with more dependencies around, sorry. :(


  2. thanks jd for the reply. i’ll be waiting for a resumeable resource to download and try out the alpha bits. and i hope Macromedia will resolve this issue soon.

    // chall3ng3r //

  3. There are a ton of freeware products out there that allow resumable downloads. GetRight, etc. Go to Google.com, and type in “resume download software”, and you’ll find tons.

  4. thats right, but none of them works with Macromedia :(

    i’ve tried almost all the download accelerators when flash 2004 was released, and i believe the download method is same untill now.

    // chall3ng3r //

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