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Font Converter for Arduino

Currently working on a DIY project for my SUV where I needed to use ESP8266 WiFi enabled microcontroller with two tiny I2C displays and a GPS. I found a great display library by Daniel who goes by the name Squix, known for sharing Weather Station and other awesome open source projects. If you’re into DIY embedded hardware, do check out his blog https://blog.squix.org/

Squix’s display library can use font generated by online Font Converter which have good list of fonts to select from. Sometimes a custom font is needed, like in my case, and I struggled to quickly get my own font converted to supported format.

Searched for and found some options, but was not happy with them. Thanks to DanielĀ  for sharing source code of Font Converter, I digged the source and extracted just the part to convert the font.

I did bit of modification to pass font name, size and regular or bold option arguments to the console utility. I created a GitHub repo where source and compiled binary is available.

Usage example:

> java FontConverterV3 "Tahoma" 14 r > font-tahoma.h

Download and repo:

Soon enough, I will share the project which needed this utility.

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