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Symbian Signed Express best for Flash Lite

The new addition to Symbian Signed process family is Express Signing. It will be a quickest route to get your applications Symbian Signed.

There are some other changes as well, which you can read at the source.

I also noticed, there’s no mention of Self Signing, and I think Express Signing will replace Self Sign. it’s replaced with good alternate, as developers don’t have to instruct users to lower security settings on their mobile phone, and there will be no security warning message when installing the application.

The best thing about Express Signing is its low cost. That’s true, it will cost approximately 1/Nth of current test house signing cost.

I liked the whole idea, and I’m sure now more Flash Lite developers will get their applications signed. And if you didn’t checked the news, SWF2Go v1.5 is Symbian Signed compatible ;)

Express Signing will have following features:

— Publisher ID (only from TC Trustcenter) required. 

— No IMEI restrictions on the signed SIS file

— Applications are required to comply with Symbian Signed Test Criteria, however they are signed immediately via www.symbiansigned.com 

— Applications are batch tested (1:N) by Test Houses as an audit (i.e. sometime after the signing event)

— Audit results will be published.

— Low cost (approx 1/Nth of current test house signing cost)


— Will be virus scanned

— NO Warning/Notification prompt when installed on device.

The new changes are expected to be available early in November.

There are couple of quick start presentations, and I highly recommend them if you’re new to Symbian Signed.

  1. Getting Ready For Symbian Signed with Carbide.c++
  2. Symbian Signed for Flash presentation

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  1. Ciao,

    yeap, the cost I think is around $20 which I think for FL content is a fare price.
    Hopefully is this number is correct it will be great news!!


  2. Still waiting.

  3. […] malware and viruses. Its good thinking as far as process for signing remains simple and fast, like Symbian Express Signing that will be in affect from early […]

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