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+U Platform – Adobe FlashCast alternate

I found Scott Janousek posted a blog post about +U Platform of Flash-Mobile, a Taiwan based company.

Rather posting comment on Scott Janousek blog, I thought posting a detailed post about +U Platform on my blog.

+U Platform is a service developed by Flash-Mobile, which is quite similar in functionality to Adobe’s FlashCast (as described on it’s website), which Adobe never got time to post some in-depth details about it.

Screenshot012.jpg Screenshot001.jpg

+U depends on +U client, which is currently available free from +U website. This client uses FlashLite to display the +U user interface (only FlashLite 1.1). where users can read latest news, weather updates, download applications, games, music and many other things. And remember, everything is FlashLite based.

+U Users pays for commercial/subscription based contents. At the moment all contents are free. +U is a push service, means when new contents are available (news/weather/etc), they are automatically downloaded to the device.

I’ve requested them to develop the english version of the +U client UI so that users all around the world could use +U.

Let’s see when they finish the english version.

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