if (iPhone == 399$ && iPodTouch == 299$) {wow}

I just went on Apple’s website to find out if there’s any new build of Safari browser. and was amazed to see a new iPod named iPod Touch.

what is it? almost exact same iPhone specs, look and feel, but without mobile phone functionality. well, now this device seems attractive. and its not locked to any  thing, you can take it anywhere with you.


and for your information, this is not just a music or video player, its running same MC OSX Mobile as iPhone, and there’s a full fledged web browser in it and support for WiFi. so you can just sit into any HotSpot, and watch videos from YourTube, or check your Hotmail without carrying bulky notebook with you.

Its still a bit expensive gadget, but you’ll find many geeks in lines at fronts of Apple stores :D

// chall3ng3r //

4 thoughts on “if (iPhone == 399$ && iPodTouch == 299$) {wow}”

  1. hah, thats fun :P

    ipod touch is a good addition, but i would prefere iphone over it, as i don’t have to carry two devices.

    i’m looking if iphone makes any deal here, or unlocks it. if not there’re some very cool alternatives. keep watching my blog ;)

    // chall3ng3r //

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