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NextGen Mobile Games are here!

Do you ever thought of adding your custom sounds and graphics on a web or mobile game? you better check www.ugengames.com

ugenGames, launched Sep 4, 2007, is a new step towards future of mobile games, where players can customize the whole game and share it with their friends.


There are already many games to play and customize. give it a try, you’ll love it.

Congrats to mobitween team for brining such a great idea alive!

All the games are Flash based, and optimized for Flash Lite player for mobile devices.

read the press release here, and don’t forget to view video tours for players and developers on ugenGames’ blog.

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  2. the customizable games are more fun on http://www.pictogame.com/

  3. Salaaamz,
    Sorry for posting the following, “here”, but guess this is the only way now,

    Flash is fail to call javascript function on the the WebPage is it is places at the “Active Desktop”, means it works fine in the IE, Mozile, Opera, etc but fails on the Active Desktop……

    Error Message: “Unspecified Error”

    If you have any suggestion plz let me know as soon as possible….

    Take care… and Best of luck 4 ur projects

  4. Playyoo is hosting a contest for Flash Lite Mobile Game Developers…so all of you who want to try to turn your hobby for flash game creation into a career, check out the site and get your game into the contest! Over $10,000 is up for grabs!

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