Flash Lite 3.0: Mobile Video Revolution Starts…

Today Adobe launched Flash Lite 3.0 Player for mobile devices. FL3 brings increased performance, better memory management and much hyped Flash Video (FLV) to mobile devices.

Flash Lite 3 more closely replicates the desktop experience delivered by Adobe Flash Player. This gives mobile users the freedom to access content whenever and wherever they want, while efficient resource management capabilities significantly improve and optimize performance for mobile devices. With Flash Lite 3, developers worldwide are able to create more engaging applications, interfaces and mobile assets that integrate video, as well as develop innovative and dynamic mobile assets such as wallpapers, screensavers or casual games.

You can download Flash Lite 3.0 Update for Flash CS3 Pro and Device Central CS3 from MaD Developer Center and kick start your next mobile video innovation.

There are also couple of new articles to get you started, Flash Lite 3 browsability guidelines PDF and how to make a YouTube player for mobile devices using new Flash Lite 3 player.


There are couple of more new useful resources, FL3 architecture and FL version comparison. Visit FL3 home as well to check out whole lot of new FL3 related stuff.

At the moment there’s no download for FL3 player for S60 or WM based devices. However, you can request FL3 Developer Edition via email, read here to find more.

Nokia has also announced support for FL3 for their upcoming mobile devices and launched a site CreativePro specific to FL related development resources.

I too have some cool news for FL guys as well, stay tuned ;)

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19 thoughts on “Flash Lite 3.0: Mobile Video Revolution Starts…”

  1. H4,
    Challenger , could ynu plz send me the link to dawn5oad the these 7oftwares to play the youtube videos on my N81 8GB on my e-mai5 addre7 plz. . .

  2. Hi Gazanfar.

    You can download Flash Lite 3.0 developer edition from Adobe’s website, the links are in the sidebar on my blog.

    Or, if your phone don’t have FL3.0, then you can update its firmware using Nokia Software Updater tool. You can download the from http://europe.nokia.com/A4579163


    // chall3ng3r //

  3. Hi, pretty new to this.

    My friend just bought a Nokia E71, but when he was browsing a particular site, he was required to get Adobe Flash player to view the content. I tried installing Adobe Flash Lite 2.1, but it doesn’t work. Will this developer’s edition of version 3 work to open web applications or isit purely for development testing only? thanks in advance!

  4. Hello Huei,

    Nokia E71 comes with Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 preinstalled, and it can open Flash websites in browser. Flash Lite cannot play most regular Flash based web content, they need to be specifically built for Flash Lite.

    Second thing is, Flash Lite 3.0 can play Flash Player 8 with ActionScript 1/2 content, it does not support Flash Player 9 / ActionScript 3 content.

    Today most of the websites uses Flash Player 9 with ActionScript 3, make sure that you open Flash Lite supported / optimized content E71.

    For more info check these:

    I hope this information will help.

    // chall3ng3r //


    1. Hi,

      SE Hazel have Adobe Flash Lite built-in. You should also update your phone using SE Updater.

      Note that it’s not full Flash, so don’t expect that every website will work. It’s a mobile after all :)

      // chall3ng3r //

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