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Built With SWF2Go – Download Monster Killer Demo SIS files

We have just updated SWF2Go website with Monster Killer Demo SIS files for all editions of S60 Platform. The SIS files are built with SWF2Go Professional. Now you can test the SIS file on your mobile before you buy.

You may also read the SWF2Go User Guide to see how easy it is to make professional SIS installers and SWF launchers for all editions of S60 Platform.

We would also like to thank the whole Flash Lite developer community for showing great support.

Some blogs I noticed who blogged about SWF2Go Professional:

Searching “SWF2Go” on search engines before 12-Mar-2007 returns no results, now after one week of SWF2Go Professional release, SWF2Go term results are in thousands, and increasing rapidly. Good for us :)

Happy Flash Lite-ing!!!

// chall3ng3r //

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