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FriendlyGhost & Flex 2 (AS3) works fine

A user asked on Orison’s Support Forums  about compatibility of FG with Flex 2 (AS3)?

So, i just went to livedocs and checked the LocalConnection reference there. Its cool that AS3 LocalConnection supports communication with legacy versions of Flash Players, here’s the text from livedocs

LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 3.0 can communicate with LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0. The reverse is also true: LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 can communicate with LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 3.0. Flash Player handles this communication between LocalConnection objects of different versions automatically.

Cool, isn’t it?

I posted a reply as soon as i get the answer. But i was looking for some time to test it myself.

I just downloaded Flex 2 trial at my university (FAST download speed ;)) moved it to home, and tada!

Just with first some clicks and few lines of code, i created a simple app that sends the log messages to FG Server.

Any FG users interested in using FG with Flex 2 for debugging can use this simple solution.

Setup this function in your Flex 2 project, and use it as you use Component’s write function.

public function FGWrite(log_summary:String, type:String, category:String, log_detail:Object):void
  var ConnName:String = "_FG_Listener_1_0_11"
  var ClientID:String = "FG-AS3Test1"
  var TabTitle:String = "My Window"
  var Mesg:Object =
   ID:ClientID, TabTitle:TabTitle,
   Type:type, Category:category, LogSummary:log_summary,
   TimeStamp:"", Detail:log_detail
  Mesg.TimeStamp = (new Date()).toTimeString();

  // send the log mesg to server
  var lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
  lc.send(ConnName, "ReceiveMessage", Mesg);

I’ll create a more advanced FG component for Flex 2 soon, and will post it on FG’s website, until then, use this and have fun developing Flex 2 apps :)

Edit: links updated

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