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Buzzword, a real Web 2.0 app: first impressions

I recently read an article about Buzzword on wired.com blog for this new Web 2.0 application. I made the request for the preview invite, and I got reply in few hours (lucky day!).

After signing-up and getting into my Buzzword account, I was impressed by the real Web 2.0 style design. the application works flawlessly, even its still in early preview. Its full Flash based application, and requires latest version of Flash player.

This early preview version features all basic word processor functionalist including support for Tables, Images, Lists, Headings, Header, Footer etc.


Because this is an online application Buzzword takes advantage and allows to share the document with your work partners / friends and let them comment on it. Any changes to documents are also tracked. my favorite feature set :)

I tried to use Google Docs some time ago, but I did not find it comfortable to work with, so I dropped it.

There’s an option to export the document as MS Word file, but I missed the option to import existing documents. and also features to import Word documents. (Thanks Rick for updating me on this)

I took a couple of screenshots just to show you how it looks :)



The developer of Buzzword writes on his blog that the application will also be available in offline version and Adobe AIR is direct candidate for this.

I will do another review when offline version of Buzzword is released.

// chall3ng3r //


  1. Thanks for writing about Buzzword. I just want to point out that Buzzword does import existing Word Docs. Use the Document -> Open File command.

  2. pan69 says:

    Doesn’t work on Ubuntu/FireFox 2. Hopefully thats just the preview…

  3. Rick, thanks for pointer. i was looking for this option while editing the doc :)

    pan69, you only need the latest version of Flash player to work with this application.

    // chall3ng3r //

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