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Convert2SWF8 now available for download

Convert2SWF8 is a windows application which will convert SWF version to SWF-8 which you can play in latest FlashPlayer 8 Public Beta. Just drag’n drop your SWF on the Convert2SWF8 window, and click Start.

Updated: 14–Oct-2005
You can download it from here:
Post your feedback in comments.

By converting your SWFs to SWF-8, you can test out latest FlashPlayer 8 features. You can found some very good tests on the following locations:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Downloaded, but all buttons are just gray boxes. No text on the app, either. I downloaded three times to test. Happened all three times. When I clicked the third button (I assume “start”, the file was converted to name.swf.bak).

  2. It’s possible to make Macromedia Flash to export as SWF8, at http://www.nuran.org there’s a short description about it.
    A more detailed step by step guide
    (The instructions in english can be found in the comments)

  3. I’m not sure why its not apearing at your side. its built in delphi. but i’ve tested on diffirent systems, and it worked there.

    the second thig is that, the file you select is converted to SWF8, and the orignal file is save as .bak extention.

    the second method Pablo pointed out is good as well, but sometimes, we need such tool. for example if i write my .as files in PrimalScript or other third party editors, and compile it with a third part compiler. then i need this tool to convert that file into SWF8 version.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Actually it must have been my work comp. I posted the first one about issues seeing content in the app, but when I tried it on my home comp it was fine…and perfect :) Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice app. some suggestions: make a version that i can drag and drop a swf onto the Convert2SWF8.exe icon, and it automatically converts the swf for me, without any prompts or dialog boxes. It’s a bit of a hassle pressing OK twice to do something so simple.

  6. thanks, nice tip. i’ll try to implement it in next update.

    // chall3ng3r //

  7. Anonymous says:

    converting swf for player 8 is a very easy way

    – open a swf file in a binary editor (there are many open source) and change byte value @0x03 (the very first byte after CWS or FWS signature) to 0x08 (eight).


  8. download location updated. please download Convert2SWF8 here:

    // chall3ng3r //

  9. thanks for your information about Convert2SWF8! i just need this tool!

  10. Thanks for this great utility. Now I can import swf files from Crystal Excelsius into Adobe Captivate! You made my day.

  11. Jaco, I will try your way :)

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