Standalone FlashPlayer 8

Well, as promissed, i have just finished it.

here’s the link:
FlashPlayer8 Update [Link Updated: Jun-2006]

when you install it, it’ll associate .swf file extension to itself. now when you double-click any swf, it’ll be opened in this standalone flashplayer.

you can also drag’n drop swf files over FlashPlayer8 shortcut on your desktop.

to re-associate swf files with flashplayer 7, just run SAFlashPlayer.exe from Players directory in flash installation folder.

i hope this tool will also help you find out good stuff in flashplayer 8 ;)

// chall3ng3r //

17 thoughts on “Standalone FlashPlayer 8”

  1. thanks everyone for the support.

    husain masoom, i don’t have mac, so you gotta wait for someone else done it.

    Danger, may be your download is incomplete. i’ve just uploaded the installer in zip format. read my latest post.

    Daniel Aguilar, thanks for the tip. i’ll try to put it in next update. until then use Stage.scaleMode = “”noScale”.

    // chall3ng3r //

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