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idea: gmail alert service

This is a suggestion i have just posted to gmail guys:

Hi gmail,

This is something came to my mind so felt I should share the thought so someone can benefit from it.

The idea:
On gmail, there can be a customizable alert service which can send mail arrival notification emails to other designated email address(es) or cell-box(es).

The notification can be through filters (from specific email), separate notification on each email or even a summary notification every N hours listing all emails received during the interval.

1. I am a corporate user having a corporate email as [email protected], where my email client polls every 5/10 minutes. I also have a personal account with gmail. A gmail alert to my corporate account can notify me that I have new email on my personal account at gmail.

2. I am online with my MSN/Yahoo messenger and a messenger pop-up notifies me of a gmail alert notifying me that my gmail has an email.

3. When I’m offline, a gmail alert on my cell-box will let me know that I have mail on gmail.

This is a very commercial idea, and I am thinking to get it patent, so I can get some pennies out of thought works ;).

Hope to hear from gmail guruz.

Faisal Iqbal
Application Developer,
ORISON Technologies


  1. vivek says:

    hello faisal .

    seems that gmail already implemented what u wanted. I am responding in ascending order, to your suggestion/ideas/issues.

    1. u can set your forwarding options in gmail settings and forward all your mails to your corporate accounts.

    2. download gtalk labs edition . u’ll get instant notification

    3. i am sure, google people are working on this one.

  2. Thanks for your comment,

    Yea, some of the things were quite different when I posted the idea.

    for #1, I can do forwarding, but message is not optimized to be sent as SMS. So, the idea was to optimize the email message, and take important fields from it, and send it to another e-mail or cellbox as SMS.

    #2, now need another messenger :)

    #3, It;d be great if they could offer this.

    // chall3ng3r //

  3. Not sure if you are still around, but I have been looking for what you describe too. I would like to have an email forwarded containing a link to a newly received gmail instead of the actual message body itself. This forces users to reply to any emails received in gmail to respond in gmail regardless if they set up forwarding. This is helpful by disallowing my corporate users from replying to clients from being lazy and replying to clients using a different email they’ve set up to forward to for whatever reason.

    Have you been able to find a solution like this?

    Thanks in advance – Tim

    1. Tim, I’m still around :)

      I haven’t found a solution, but now I have a better mobile phone (Samsung Focus with WP7) so the email is downloaded on device, so for me I get the email notifications and complete email on my WP.

      I recently discovered a new service IfThisThenThat ( http://ifttt.com/ ). I used it for SMS weather notifications, works great. There is a channel for Gmail. I guess this could help you deal with your issue :)

      // chall3ng3r //

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