tilt-shift photography of HTML codes

I’ve won the Forum Nokia 2008 Code Example Challenge!


  1. […] Lite 1.1 component was selected as a Forum Nokia code challenge winner in the Flash Lite category. Faisal Iqbal was also selected as a Flash Lite Forum Nokia code challenge winer for the Oxygen developer’s […]

  2. congratulations man. The oxygen toolkit is very useful. Keep it up! Greets from belgium

  3. congratulations for your awesome piece of work and as for winning the challange as well! How does it feel to be a winner:D? May I ask if something has changed since then? Any job offers or something like that?

  4. Thanks everyone,

    Not looking for a job at this time, but will be releasing something cool for Flash Lite developers pretty soon ;)

    // chall3ng3r //

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