Announcing SWF2Go Professional 1.5 with Flash Lite 3.0 support

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to announce that we have just updated SWF2Go website with latest details about new release of SWF2Go Professional 1.5. The number one SWF Launcher and SIS Packing toolkit for Flash Lite developers.

This new version adds support for latest Adobe Flash Lite Player 3.0 and Symbian Signed certification among many other enhancements. Start making Flash Video based applications today!

This new version was available to previously registered customers as free upgrade for about a month. Now its available for everyone!


During the beta testing, SWF2Go 1.5 built SIS files were successfully passed the regular Symbian Signed testing. Recently we have got confirmation from one of our client that he have successfully signed about 10 SWF2Go made SIS files through new Symbian Signed Express.

I’m really proud that there are now many SWF2Go made commercial Flash Lite based applications out there. For example,

There are many more, I’m going to make a proper list of all the applications made with SWF2Go publicly available on Internet and post it on SWF2Go website soon.

And with this new release, we hope to see many more in near future :)

// chall3ng3r //

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  1. Hey chall3ng3r
    just to say, im from Nokia Forum
    bout the Dial Swf project!!
    im here, im ur fan!!
    nice projects u made, fantastic!!
    thanks one more time!!

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