FPS-Meter v2 (FL1.x & 2.x) on Forum Nokia Wiki


finally, things are now getting better. DSL connection was repaired, and we got online again :)

I was trying to post new version of my FPS-Meter component for some time, now I finally posted it, and on a nice place this time :)

FPS-Meter v2 which supports FL1.x and FL2.x is now available at Forum Nokia Wiki with all source files.

Get it from FN.Wiki.FlashLite

hope you like it,

// chall3ng3r //

4 thoughts on “FPS-Meter v2 (FL1.x & 2.x) on Forum Nokia Wiki”

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  2. Very nice apportation, sure this will help alot of people including me, i just bought a nokia 6300 and im starting to learn about how flash lite works, this is a great tool =) Thank you

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