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Thou shalt not fear “M$ Sparkle”

Found at neowin.net about some cool info about M$ Sparkle which is unveiled at M$ PDC 05. Sparkle is a part of the Expression Suite, which contains total three applications:

  • Acrylic.  Very impressive tools for isolating head shots for instance. It’s not just a Photoshop clone.
  • Sparkle. Let’s designers create interfaces without having to write code. Avalon (WPF) templates can be used to change the overall look and feel of controls in an app. It’s somewhat similar to previous technologies such as VX Rexx but with a far far richer set of tools, templates, and abilities.
  • Quartz. New development environment. Make HTML pages. Makes CSS easier to work with too.

Thou shalt also find some more info on Brad’s live PDC blogging

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