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Macromedia’s “Flash Communication Server” is now “Flash Media Server”

On September 8 2005, Macromedia announced Flash Media Server 2 previously known as Flash Communication Server.

It will be available for public beta testing soon. thats great news ;)

Read the full press release here

New features in this release:

  • High Quality Video
    Support for the new On2 VP6 codec offers superior video quality at smaller file sizes.
  • Automatic Player Detection
    Ensure a smooth viewing experience with video encoded in the right format by automatically serving up the proper video based on the version of the Flash Player that the user connects with.
  • Quality of Service Monitoring
    Track the playback experience on the client and correct unforeseen playback problems due to network congestion in real-time.
  • Authentication
    FMS2 provides a number of approaches to authenticate users prior to serving video streams. Server configuration controls, remote script execution, and the ability run external authentication processes such as hash key verification provide you with many flexible options for securing streams for single sign-on systems, the prevention of deep linking, or even offering pay per view content.
  • Encrypted Delivery
    Via support built into both the server and client, streams can be encrypted during delivery for the ultimate protection.
  • Origin and Edge Servers
    provide the optimal deployment for large scale media applications, simplifying load balancing, failover and clustering. Scale with multiple Edge servers to manage bandwidth, traffic and processing while giving the Origin server a single view to reports, logs, media assets and application logic.
  • Multiple Processes
    FMS2 can be configured to run virtual hosts, applications, or instances in isolated individual processes providing for complete reliability.
  • Backend System Integration
    With support for Remoting, File objects, and XML objects, sockets and streams – including support for Jabber XML streams, FMS2 offers a number of ways to integrate with Application Servers and media asset management systems for retrieval of meta-data information.
  • Logging
    W3C compliant ASCII logs, a real-time usage monitor, and a complete API for server and stream events ensure that publishers have all the tools they need to track and generate reports on the content usage.

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