Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Blasts!

mix-logoI watched the keynote live from, and was thrilled to see great demonstrations done with Silverlight 2.0.

I was just waiting for the mobile part of the Silverlight. There were two demos of Silverlight Mobile, one on a Windows Mobile 6 device, and other was on Nokia N95 8GB. Both applications looked great.

The on-demand stream of the keynote is now available, you can watch the entire keynote, or if you want to just skip to the Silverlight Mobile part, goto 2:12 time, where the demo of the two mobile applications were shown.

You can download Silverlight Beta 1 from Silverlight website, and also download the SDK and tools to develop Silverlight applications from the tools section.

If you are unaware of what is Silverlight, you might also want to take a look at this overview.

MS also released beta version of IE8, which some cool new features. For example, Activities and WebSlices. I really enjoyed the WebSlices idea. Check out the IE8 website for more.

Unfortunately, Silverlight Mobile beta was not released, but there’s a recent update on MIX website about new sessions for IE8 and Mobile.

I’m currently scheduling downloads in my download manager. I’ll post some experiments with Silverlight 2.0 soon.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Blasts!”

  1. Yes, I have seen an early version of Silverlight running on Windows Mobile in May last year it already looked really promising back then!

  2. Ohhhh!!!!!
    a lot of Brazilian users are waiting for this wonderfull app!!!
    you can send to my email at: tasty.boy[at]
    we are waiting for that like crazy!!!!!!

  3. If Silverlight is installed you have problems rendering pages and might get a 400 Bad Request error as explined here:

    I had to uninstall it since I configure routers and access points regulary with my office computer before I go on-site.

    The usual MS ignorance – no fix yet!

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