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FriendlyGhost Lite updated for FlashLite 2.x

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Few days back I received another request asking how to use FriendlyGhost Lite with FlashLite 2.x applications. When FriendlyGhost was released, there was no FlashLite 2 on the market, so we only supported FlashLite 1.x.

After release of FlashLite 2.0 and now FlashLite 2.1, we were getting requests to use FG Lite with FlashLite 2.x player. When FlashLite 2 was in betas, I already made a patched version of FriendlyGhost Lite to debug our applications, and later I provided it to clients who requested it. But I didn’t managed to make a proper MXP installer for it for easy distribution.

One of most recent FG customer requested me for the same “How I can use FG Lite in FL2.x applications?”. I noticed that I’ll be having some extra time on the Sunday, so I made a MXP installer for it and sent it to the customer.

Any FG customer looking to use FG Lite in FL2.x applications can send me a request for it.

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