Standalone FlashPlayer 8

Well, as promissed, i have just finished it.

here’s the link:
FlashPlayer8 Update [Link Updated: Jun-2006]

when you install it, it’ll associate .swf file extension to itself. now when you double-click any swf, it’ll be opened in this standalone flashplayer.

you can also drag’n drop swf files over FlashPlayer8 shortcut on your desktop.

to re-associate swf files with flashplayer 7, just run SAFlashPlayer.exe from Players directory in flash installation folder.

i hope this tool will also help you find out good stuff in flashplayer 8 ;)

// chall3ng3r //

Convert2SWF8 now available for download

Convert2SWF8 is a windows application which will convert SWF version to SWF-8 which you can play in latest FlashPlayer 8 Public Beta. Just drag’n drop your SWF on the Convert2SWF8 window, and click Start.

Updated: 14–Oct-2005
You can download it from here:
Post your feedback in comments.

By converting your SWFs to SWF-8, you can test out latest FlashPlayer 8 features. You can found some very good tests on the following locations:

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Just got my PDC2005 kit today

Same kind of kit that i got last year. I was expecting trials & betas of VS.Net2005, Longhorn and other latest MS products.

But this time again just few CDs with some very basic stuff. Videos of developing applications in VS.Net2005. My question is, how do I start developing asp.net2 applications without VS.Net2005?

Contents of the PDC2005 kit:

  • My Pro entry card
  • PDC2005 Bag
  • Writing pad
  • Pen
  • A buch of CDs with Videos & Intros (No trials/betas ware)
  • Spider Mag (This mag don’t even have single bite on .net)

I wish MS could take note of it in future PDCs.

// chall3ng3r //

Informing Google – Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is an experiment in web crawling. Using Sitemaps to inform and direct our crawlers, we hope to expand our coverage of the web and improve the time to inclusion in our index. By placing a Sitemap-formatted file on your webserver, you enable our crawlers to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly.

Google Sitemaps is a great development in this direction. better than robots.txt

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