IE 7 looks nice, bug quite buggy

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Just found it from iexbeta. and also found installation instructions on win2003. take a look in the screenshot.

first bug I found is, clicking on a link which opens in new window crashes the browser, and second bug is babylone’s content area is blank. i guess it uses IE activex there.

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Microsoft has released first beta of Vista & IE7

Looked at MSDN subscribers download area. Windows Vista is available there, but I was unable to find IE 7 there.

Later, in discussions i found that other users are also complaining for this that MS has announced on their website that Vista and IE7 are available for MSDN subscribers. But IE7 is not available until now.

I’ll post more details about these goodies as i get my hands on them :D

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Broken theme of my blog!!!

i was in process of importing posts into my new blog engine. and in the process i forget to revert back normal blogger theme. some of you guys might have seen an ugly look of my blog :D. I apologize for that. I’ve just reverted back my old blogger theme.

you guys stay tuned, because I’ll be announcing my new blog location very soon with lots of updates on my projects.

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