Finally, a blog editor for Mac which seems good :)

I think I’ve finally found a nice blog client for Mac. I’ve been searching for a while, gave try to some popular ones but no one came close to what I was looking for.

ScribeFire, its not a standalone Mac application but an add-on for Firefox. If you select to open the editor in new window, it looks much better, just like a standalone client.

Initial impressions are quite good, and this post is also been blogged from ScribeFire. I am still not very sure if this is the one, but I have a feeling that I’m gonna be using it quite well.

This was just a short review, I will be posting a detailed one after some weeks of use (hopefully :))

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Flash Help – External help viewer for Adobe Flash CS3

Finally, last night I made it. Its kinda quick and dirty, but it works, at least for me as I want it :). Here a screenshot:


I made this external help viewer for myself, but I thought if anyone who also finds Help Panel in the way most of the time when working in Flash CS3, might like to use it.


Note: Requires MS. Net Framework v2 or later. Not needed on Vista

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I am re-selected as Forum Nokia Champion!

Today Forum Nokia sent me an email, here’s a small text from it:

We are pleased to announce that due to your active participation in the mobile development field and in the Forum Nokia Champion program in the past year, you have been re-selected to the program. Congratulations!

Nokia recharged me again to work even harder, Thanks Nokia!

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SWF2Go Professional 2.0 Now Available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you SWF2Go Professional 2.0.

Please read the official press release at:


The new product website is now live with dedicated forums and wiki. You can find all the details about what’s new in this major release, as well as screenshots of the product on this website.


Note: The wiki is ready, but is currently set to private access until we finalize its settings.

Update: I forget to mention, there is a 10% introductory discount offer, and its for limited time.

Once you’re ready to rock ‘n roll, you can place your order right away ;)

Happy Flash Lite-ing!

I will be attending Mobile Developer Days 2008 in Berlin, Germany from 10-13 Sept. If anyone like to meet or have a hands-on demo, you can contact me via email or mobile.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +49 176 5451 5873

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I’ve won the Forum Nokia 2008 Code Example Challenge!

Hey there everyone,

A big thanks to Felipe Andrade for informing me that I’ve won the Forum Nokia 2008 Code Example Challenge in Flash Lite category ;)

And another big thanks to Nokia for such a great opportunity!

Congrats to all the other winners. Have a nice weekend guys!

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Adobe goes Open Source!

Adobe launched on online website for its Open Source projects. The first projects available on the new community website are:

Adobe Open Source Home:

This is very good step forward, as most startup companies are now adays adopting Open Source software. With Adobe’s OS technologies, we will see good change, hopefully :)

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Hey, I’m back!

Hi everyone,

After months of inactivity on my blog, I’m Back!

The reason for not posting anything in last couple of months was my old land-line telephone service. I had 256k DSL on it as well, so all my internet activity gone zero as soon as telephone line got dead, and still not fixed.

Luckily, a new telephone and broadband service provider (Wateen Telecom) started services, and I jumped on it. Its world’s biggest WiMAX based service deployment so far. And it works quite well.

Now I have 512k internet connection and VoIP based telephone line, and no wires to worry about ;)

During this time I was not sleeping, I did a lot of work, and have some cool updates coming soon.

As a Forum Nokia Champion, Nokia have provided me with a new blog, so i decided to make it my alternate blog and I will only post my mobile technologies related stuff there.


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Unlocked iPhone and iPhone SDK in Feb 2008

I got this news via newsletter. This is really a big news I guess, but there’s a catch. AT&T have a deal with Apple, and US guys won’t be getting an unlocked iPhone officially at least for next 4-5 years. But rest of the world where Apple didn’t made any “exclusive sales” deals, for example China, where already number of clones are on sale.

The second part of the Jobs open letter is a bit interesting, the iPhone SDK will be available in Feb 2008, and it will allow developers to create “native” applications. I think Apple will use similar signing process, as Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices do, to protect users from malware and viruses. Its good thinking as far as process for signing remains simple and fast, like Symbian Express Signing that will be in affect from early November.

So, I think we can expect a Flash Lite 3.0 player for iPhone pretty soon ;)

Read Jobs open letter here

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Eid Mubarak & my brand new blog theme :)

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world :) and have a great Eid with your family and friends.

Enjoy this picture I took few days back :D

red flowers

Me and my boss have upgraded our blog themes. The new theme designs are by N.Design Studio. We have modified width of these themes to get 200 pixels extra, but remain in 1024 resolution range.

One little issue with this theme that I fixed myself was its Links section merged all the links into one category. I posted the solution on WordPress forum where I found some other guys were also looking for this.

I have some cool updates coming up this week, so check back soon ;)

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