SWF2Go Professional 2.0 Now Available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you SWF2Go Professional 2.0.

Please read the official press release at:


The new product website orison.biz/projects/swf2go-professional is now live with dedicated forums and wiki. You can find all the details about what’s new in this major release, as well as screenshots of the product on this website.

Website: orison.biz/projects/swf2go-professional

Note: The wiki is ready, but is currently set to private access until we finalize its settings.

Update: I forget to mention, there is a 10% introductory discount offer, and its for limited time.

Once you’re ready to rock ‘n roll, you can place your order right away ;)

Happy Flash Lite-ing!

I will be attending Mobile Developer Days 2008 in Berlin, Germany from 10-13 Sept. If anyone like to meet or have a hands-on demo, you can contact me via email or mobile.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +49 176 5451 5873

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SWF2Go v2.0 : What’s cookin’ doc?

Okay Flash Lite’rs, It’s time to take a peek at what we were cooking for last 6 months for Flash Lite developers. We are about to release next major version of SWF2Go Professional. As we go through final steps, I thought to make some hype ;)

So, rather dumping the cool stuff from SWF2Go v2 User Guide, I just give you the link to it, so you can explore it for yourself. The User Guide contains screenshots of the SWF2Go v2 new user interface as well as details about all the cool new features.

SWF2Go v2 - User Guide

Download: SWF2Go v2.0 User Guide

All the cool graphics design is done by my designer, Najam-us-Saqib. Great work boy!

To be one of the first to get the SWF2Go v2 release newsletter, subscribe now at SWF2Go product page.

Okay, now I leave you to drool over ;)

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SWF2Go reviewed by FlashMagazine!

Jens C Brynildsen has published a nice review of SWF2Go Professional. He discusses how a total newbie to mobile development can start using Flash Lite with SWF2Go.

SWF2Go is a really niche product that proves the size and variety of the Flash Platform. It’s software that will let you make signed SIS installers that makes distributing your Flash Lite applications for Nokia phones really easy.

Thanks Jens for your nice words :)

Read the complete review on FlashMagazine.com

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SWF2Go Turns 1 Year Old!

Swf2go_logoI almost forgot it. 12, March 2007, the day we published first version of SWF2Go Professional.

Its one year now!

Its been a great year for Flash Lite developers as well as SWF2Go. We have been watching great success stories from users who have been using SWF2Go for their Flash Lite games and applications.

SWF2Go 1.5 also added support for Flash Lite 3.0, as well as Symbian Signed certification. There are now great Flash Lite applications available via Nokia Download! service as well as on other networks. Which is all good. We wish to see many more soon.

Here, I am excited to let everyone know that we are working on next major update of SWF2Go Professional. It will introduce many cool new features and ability to extend Flash Lite capabilities ;)

On behalf of Orison Team, I’d to thank all the great customers who have been using SWF2Go, and their support for continued development of SWF2Go.

A small gift: Use the coupon code “BUNNY” on SWF2Go checkout page to get 15% discount. This offer will expire after one week. So, grab your copy now!

Stay tuned for updates!

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Going to FITC 2008? Get this Mobile Event Guide by Thomas Joose

Thomas has just posted an updated and final version of FITC 2008 Mobile Event Guide on his blog.

If you’re going to FITC 2008, this guide would be your best companion. The application features slick graphical design and animations, while keeping all the schedule and building map on your finger tips. A must have!

Download now.

Here are couple of screenshots for your pleasure.

FITC08_Mobile_02 FITC08_Mobile_01

There’s also a SIS version of the application for S60 devices, its powered by SWF2Go ;)

Have good time at FITC08!

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Announcing SWF2Go Professional 1.5 with Flash Lite 3.0 support

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to announce that we have just updated SWF2Go website with latest details about new release of SWF2Go Professional 1.5. The number one SWF Launcher and SIS Packing toolkit for Flash Lite developers.

This new version adds support for latest Adobe Flash Lite Player 3.0 and Symbian Signed certification among many other enhancements. Start making Flash Video based applications today!

This new version was available to previously registered customers as free upgrade for about a month. Now its available for everyone!


During the beta testing, SWF2Go 1.5 built SIS files were successfully passed the regular Symbian Signed testing. Recently we have got confirmation from one of our client that he have successfully signed about 10 SWF2Go made SIS files through new Symbian Signed Express.

I’m really proud that there are now many SWF2Go made commercial Flash Lite based applications out there. For example,

There are many more, I’m going to make a proper list of all the applications made with SWF2Go publicly available on Internet and post it on SWF2Go website soon.

And with this new release, we hope to see many more in near future :)

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Flash Lite Indian travel guide on “Mysore Dasara”, made with SWF2Go

Few days back Vivek released an Indian travel guide on “Mysore Dasara” cultural festival. The application is built on top of Adobe Flash Lite 1.1 technology.

It will work on almost all Flash Lite enabled mobile devices, but it will give better experience on 240×320 resolution screens. On my Nokia E50, it looks great.

Vivek has also posted a video tour of this application on his blog. check it out as well.

For Symbian S60 devices, SWF2Go is used to make SIS installer and menu icon for this interactive travel guide.

Nice work Vivek, and keep it up.

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Flash Lite 3.0 on Sep 30, that’s cool news

flash_icon(via vnunet.com) I was waiting for this, and I got the news in my mailbox ;)

 I don’t see any hint in the article about distribution method and other technical specs. But I think its good to leave them now for a good surprise at MAX 2007 starting September 30 :)

Read the two page article here.

Update: Download links for Adobe Flash Lite

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Symbian Signed Express best for Flash Lite

The new addition to Symbian Signed process family is Express Signing. It will be a quickest route to get your applications Symbian Signed.

There are some other changes as well, which you can read at the source.

I also noticed, there’s no mention of Self Signing, and I think Express Signing will replace Self Sign. it’s replaced with good alternate, as developers don’t have to instruct users to lower security settings on their mobile phone, and there will be no security warning message when installing the application.

The best thing about Express Signing is its low cost. That’s true, it will cost approximately 1/Nth of current test house signing cost.

I liked the whole idea, and I’m sure now more Flash Lite developers will get their applications signed. And if you didn’t checked the news, SWF2Go v1.5 is Symbian Signed compatible ;)

Express Signing will have following features:

— Publisher ID (only from TC Trustcenter) required. 

— No IMEI restrictions on the signed SIS file

— Applications are required to comply with Symbian Signed Test Criteria, however they are signed immediately via www.symbiansigned.com 

— Applications are batch tested (1:N) by Test Houses as an audit (i.e. sometime after the signing event)

— Audit results will be published.

— Low cost (approx 1/Nth of current test house signing cost)


— Will be virus scanned

— NO Warning/Notification prompt when installed on device.

The new changes are expected to be available early in November.

There are couple of quick start presentations, and I highly recommend them if you’re new to Symbian Signed.

  1. Getting Ready For Symbian Signed with Carbide.c++
  2. Symbian Signed for Flash presentation

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