I wish AIR could host Silverlight as well :)

I have been keeping my eyes open for latest developments on Silverlight and AIR.


I just read Daniel’s post about AIR is not a competitor to Silverlight, well that’s correct. Also, Flex is not a direct competitor as well. Its just about client runtimes, Flash and Silverlight, which actually renders content in browser and provide APIs to developers to create interactive experiences.

AIR can run Flash and AJAX based applications on desktop, which is great. I think it will be awesome if AIR could also host Silverlight applications.

Silverlight v1.0, released a few days back, renders XAML for content and provides APIs for creating interactions via JavaScript. And it run in WebKit based Safari browser as well.

I have pretty bad experience getting my words to Adobe (formerly Macromedia). So I hope they will get my wish from my blog :)

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Silverlight vs Flash, a comparison

I noticed this nice comparison, where Silverlight is actually compared with its correct counterpart, the Flash Player, rather than Flex.


I don’t call it that accurate as it misinforms about some features of Flash, but it worth a look.

don’t forget to read my comments over there, and post yours if you like :)

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Apollo is AIR, Flex 3 is Beta, Flash Player 9 is Accelerated

Its now public, Apollo is now officially named AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) by Adobe.

There’s a new beta version of the runtime is available along with the SDK on Adobe Labs.

The other good news is, Flex 3 beta is also released on Adobe Labs. Flex 3 beta supports development of AIR applications.

The two other things that I almost missed are, AIR extension for Dreamweaver, which you can use for packaging and previewing AIR applications right from Dreamweaver.

There’s an update of Flash Player 9. This update features some bug fixes and hardware acceleration support for video playback in full screen mode.

Do you know what i want to do now, AAAAAAAAAAAAH (MJ Style ;))

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Apollo Hits The Labs – Next release for Mobile, WOW

Its looking great, and amazing. though, it didn’t worked for me straight away :|

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate, Apollo installer goes fine with installation, and shows successful installation message. But the .air file extension is not mapped with anything. There’s a post in Apollo forums about this, so looking forward for solution. I will try it in my VirtualPC VM later.

Also, I received a newsletter from SDTimes, which includes news about Apollo release on Adobe Labs, but the interesting thing I noticed in newsletter is:

Future releases will add PDF and improved AJAX support; the first version also works with HTML, JavaScript, Flash and Flex. This release is focused on Macintosh desktops and Windows PCs, and Polanco said the next release will work with Linux and mobile devices. Apollo is expected to be generally available by the end of the year.

(Luis Polanco, senior product manager for Apollo)

Wowow. Cool news for Flash Lite developers ;)

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FriendlyGhost & Flex 2 (AS3) works fine

A user asked on Orison’s Support Forums  about compatibility of FG with Flex 2 (AS3)?

So, i just went to livedocs and checked the LocalConnection reference there. Its cool that AS3 LocalConnection supports communication with legacy versions of Flash Players, here’s the text from livedocs

LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 3.0 can communicate with LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0. The reverse is also true: LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 can communicate with LocalConnection objects created in ActionScript 3.0. Flash Player handles this communication between LocalConnection objects of different versions automatically.

Cool, isn’t it?

I posted a reply as soon as i get the answer. But i was looking for some time to test it myself.

I just downloaded Flex 2 trial at my university (FAST download speed ;)) moved it to home, and tada!

Just with first some clicks and few lines of code, i created a simple app that sends the log messages to FG Server.

Any FG users interested in using FG with Flex 2 for debugging can use this simple solution.

Setup this function in your Flex 2 project, and use it as you use Component’s write function.

public function FGWrite(log_summary:String, type:String, category:String, log_detail:Object):void
  var ConnName:String = "_FG_Listener_1_0_11"
  var ClientID:String = "FG-AS3Test1"
  var TabTitle:String = "My Window"
  var Mesg:Object =
   ID:ClientID, TabTitle:TabTitle,
   Type:type, Category:category, LogSummary:log_summary,
   TimeStamp:"", Detail:log_detail
  Mesg.TimeStamp = (new Date()).toTimeString();

  // send the log mesg to server
  var lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
  lc.send(ConnName, "ReceiveMessage", Mesg);

I’ll create a more advanced FG component for Flex 2 soon, and will post it on FG’s website, until then, use this and have fun developing Flex 2 apps :)

Edit: links updated

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Flex 2.0 Beta 2 is now even better!

Just found on  macromedia.com’s developer center that Flex 2.0 beta 2 is now available with solid updates.

learn more about what’s new and download from Adobe Labs. Also there’s another news, develop any Flex 2.0 application and get a chance to win fabulous prizes!!!

so, what are you waiting for… 

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Announcing FriendlyGhost, a debugger for Flash Platform and AJAX Innovations

I am quite excited to let you all know that we have just released FriendlyGhost, the first complete toolset for debugging Flash, Flex, FlashLite, Central, and even AJAX applications. Read the full press release

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 It also features FriendlyGhost AJAX Toolkit for debugging JavaScript and AJAX applications.

The FriendlyGhost package contains:
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– FriendlyGhost AJAX Toolkit for debugging simple JavaScript to sophisticated AJAX applications
– Product documentation
– Sample applications

FriendlyGhost is a must have toolset for beginners to seasoned Flash developers.

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