Happy Birthday SWF2Go!

I can’t imagine its been two years now since we released SWF2Go. The first ever Flash Lite developer toolkit which enabled developers to sell Flash Lite applications through regular channels.

SWF2Go - Home Screen

SWF2Go Professional have made great success in these two years. We successfully released one minor version as free upgrade and one major version with exciting new features.

We are truly thankful to all the developers who have supported SWF2Go all this time and kept us motivated to bring innovative new features to Flash Lite developers.

Here I’d like to share a news. We successfully enabled Flash Lite 3.1 support in our internal builds on the 2nd day Flash Lite 3.1 was available on Adobe Labs website. The second part of the news is, there will be new features in next update, so be prepared ;)

Have nice day!

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Be My Lips – Let the phone do all the talking for you!

Never be afraid of saying anything anymore, type it in and let your phone say it for you. But be careful, don’t cross the limits ;)

This application is freeware, made using Flash Lite and Python for S60 (PyS60) and packaged using SWF2Go v2. It demonstrates how to make powerful and engaging mobile applications using Flash Lite and PyS60 on S60 3rd Edition platform.

Symbian S60 3rd Edition SIS files and full source code is available under free source license (no license at all, have fun ;)).

Download Be My Lips and read more about it at SWF2Go Wiki

Couple of screenshots:

 Type your message  Screenshot3

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SWF2Go Professional 2.0 Now Available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you SWF2Go Professional 2.0.

Please read the official press release at:


The new product website orison.biz/projects/swf2go-professional is now live with dedicated forums and wiki. You can find all the details about what’s new in this major release, as well as screenshots of the product on this website.

Website: orison.biz/projects/swf2go-professional

Note: The wiki is ready, but is currently set to private access until we finalize its settings.

Update: I forget to mention, there is a 10% introductory discount offer, and its for limited time.

Once you’re ready to rock ‘n roll, you can place your order right away ;)

Happy Flash Lite-ing!

I will be attending Mobile Developer Days 2008 in Berlin, Germany from 10-13 Sept. If anyone like to meet or have a hands-on demo, you can contact me via email or mobile.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +49 176 5451 5873

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SWF2Go v2.0 : What’s cookin’ doc?

Okay Flash Lite’rs, It’s time to take a peek at what we were cooking for last 6 months for Flash Lite developers. We are about to release next major version of SWF2Go Professional. As we go through final steps, I thought to make some hype ;)

So, rather dumping the cool stuff from SWF2Go v2 User Guide, I just give you the link to it, so you can explore it for yourself. The User Guide contains screenshots of the SWF2Go v2 new user interface as well as details about all the cool new features.

SWF2Go v2 - User Guide

Download: SWF2Go v2.0 User Guide

All the cool graphics design is done by my designer, Najam-us-Saqib. Great work boy!

To be one of the first to get the SWF2Go v2 release newsletter, subscribe now at SWF2Go product page.

Okay, now I leave you to drool over ;)

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Symbian OS going Open Source!

This is a great news. Symbian already leads the mobile OS market at 60% share, and making it Open Source and Royalty Free license will help it grow even faster.

Nokia is also going to buy Symbian Ltd. and contribute it to new Symbian Foundation, while Sony Erricson and NTT DoCoMo are also going to contribute to foundation.

Later in 2009, we will have a new Symbian OS version which will integrate all the features of S60 and UIQ into one OS. So, Adobe’s Open Screen and Open Source Symbian would be real good platform to build cool experiences.

Read more at Symbian Foundation

Also checkout the recording of the webcast.

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I’ve won the Forum Nokia 2008 Code Example Challenge!

Hey there everyone,

A big thanks to Felipe Andrade for informing me that I’ve won the Forum Nokia 2008 Code Example Challenge in Flash Lite category ;)

And another big thanks to Nokia for such a great opportunity!

Congrats to all the other winners. Have a nice weekend guys!

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Continued: The Pain of Flash Lite 3

Ugur started a very good discussion on his blog about current obstacles and bugs in Flash Lite 3 implementation, and how they are effecting developers.

I’d like to continue the discussion by posting my thoughts here.

Flash Lite 3.0 and 3.1

Ugur already discussed the current issues with Flash Lite 3 with Security Sandbox (or as Ugur named it Security Painbox), Trusted folder and XML Socket.

I read somewhere when I was following news about FL3.1 release to OEMs that FL3.1 is sort of a bug fix for Security Sandbox. And it will remove this *feature*.

I raised my thoughts quite strongly about Security Sandbox issue in FL3 beta, and even many developers were standing with me, but to no avail. Now they have learned that this is a curse to FL developers, now here comes the FL3.1 with a bug fix. And start of another J2ME like fragmented technology!

Adobe/MM is used learn lessons hard way. They did same with Central and the product died, and they are continuing with FL as well which I believe is quite unfortunate.

I have some more FL issues to add in FL Pain-List,

1. So many nags

FL shows many nags for each operation which involves device APIs. For example if my application calls fscommand API to dial a phone number, FL player shows a nag to user, and if user selects yes, then it performs operation.

Not to mention, that most of these APIs are only triggered through “User-Click” events, so if user does not press any button, the API cannot be called, or its ignored. So, when user have already interacted with application to perform operation, there’s no need to ask the user again.

2. Browser – click on FL control

Adobe and Nokia trying to make FL to work better as browser plugin, and not supporting standalone implementation very well. There’s a big drawback thats not fixed even in latest FL3, and I’m sure it will be same in FL3.1.

When <object>/<embed> tag is used to embed SWF in a page specifically made for FL3 mobile devices, the mobile browser does not give focus to SWF, and user first have to select and click SWF content to interact. This is similar as Active Content issue with IE6/7.

We can write a script to avoid this behavior in IE, but there’s no workaround for mobile browser for embedded SWF. The only workaround I discovered is directly calling the SWF in browser. This way SWF is downloaded to temp and opened by built-in FL player.

3. Can’t quit without key-press

FL application cannot quit until user key-press event is detected. The add-on with this is that only one operation can be performed at a time. So, if I have a background process running (i.e. KuneriLite), I cannot send shutdown request via loadVars to BG engine and quit FL at the same key-press event.

I have to first make a request for shutdown on first key-press, and on second key-press, call to Quit fscommand to exit FL application. So, user have to click twice to close my application.

4. If unable to load data, terminate app?

The most bad user experience is that the exception/error is directly displayed to end-user. I.e. “Content error -13”, what that mean? And user is provided with two options, Continue and Close.

If user continues, the application works, and there’s no way in AS we could notice that there was a error. And if user selects close, the application is terminated.

There’s no way to control errors in FL using AS. Specifically when loading external content. If any data loading call fails, the application cannot get any thing about this before user selects continue on the error nag.

5. Adobe not responding

The more frustration for me starts when no one at Adobe reply to emails. There’s a separate email for mobile developers to get in touch with FL guys at Adobe, but it doesn’t work, or all the emails go into spam folder.

I have personal emails addresses of FL guys, but I found them replying to mailing-lists, but not off-list emails, not a single word I get back, even if I try twice :/


I’d like to conclude by giving Nokia a big praise for their great support to FL developers and community. The way Nokia engineering team get back to developers to help, I’m impressed!

I also hope that recent announcements made by Adobe regarding FL technology would be step forward in right direction. And I also hope that Adobe would hear and support the FL developers community, and developers who are trying to explore new possibilities with FL.

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SWF2Go reviewed by FlashMagazine!

Jens C Brynildsen has published a nice review of SWF2Go Professional. He discusses how a total newbie to mobile development can start using Flash Lite with SWF2Go.

SWF2Go is a really niche product that proves the size and variety of the Flash Platform. It’s software that will let you make signed SIS installers that makes distributing your Flash Lite applications for Nokia phones really easy.

Thanks Jens for your nice words :)

Read the complete review on FlashMagazine.com

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Forum Nokia launches Flash Lite Developer’s Library

Forum Nokia has launched a new Flash Lite Developer’s Library. It is available as online version as well, as download-able offline version.

The library feature great information about Flash Lite implementation on Nokia devices.


The library features Getting Started section for beginner, information about Flash Lite versions and their supported features.

There’s also information about making a Hello World application from start to finish.

The good thing about this library is, it also features information about advanced use of Flash Lite. Like making a custom C++ stub application to start the Flash Lite application from menu. And packing applications into SIS.

Download offline version from here.

Or check the online version here.

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