I upgraded my N95-1 to latest firmware 21.0.016

After getting news from Alessandro’s blog, I checked if its available for my device. Result was positive :)

So, I just flashed it to latest firmware v21.0.016. The overall upgrade experience was cool. I was just a bit scared of internet connectivity, as my connection sometimes get dropped (You know WiMAX) for few minutes, as the provider is doing some updates to WiMAX network.

Now I will be able to do some Flash Lite 3 and WRT stuff on my N95. Cool!

Its good to see Nokia is including Flash Lite updates in firmware releases. I hope to see the trend going forward with S40 and other OEMs as well.

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Finally, Flash Lite lands on Windows Moible. Great!

FL-on-WMBill from Adobe posted couple of great news on his blog. According to first one, Microsoft licenses Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE from Adobe to put on Windows Mobile devices. This is a great news for Flash Lite developers.

I have been asking this to Adobe for long time, and its great to hear, the time has come :)

It will take a while before we see any Flash Lite enabled Windows Mobile devices, but I’m hoping to see some soon.

According to other post, there are now more than half a billion Flash Lite enabled devices out there. Thats a big round number!

I think its time for Flash Lite developers to start making some cool Mobile Web experiences for Flash Lite enabled devices.

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SWF2Go Turns 1 Year Old!

Swf2go_logoI almost forgot it. 12, March 2007, the day we published first version of SWF2Go Professional.

Its one year now!

Its been a great year for Flash Lite developers as well as SWF2Go. We have been watching great success stories from users who have been using SWF2Go for their Flash Lite games and applications.

SWF2Go 1.5 also added support for Flash Lite 3.0, as well as Symbian Signed certification. There are now great Flash Lite applications available via Nokia Download! service as well as on other networks. Which is all good. We wish to see many more soon.

Here, I am excited to let everyone know that we are working on next major update of SWF2Go Professional. It will introduce many cool new features and ability to extend Flash Lite capabilities ;)

On behalf of Orison Team, I’d to thank all the great customers who have been using SWF2Go, and their support for continued development of SWF2Go.

A small gift: Use the coupon code “BUNNY” on SWF2Go checkout page to get 15% discount. This offer will expire after one week. So, grab your copy now!

Stay tuned for updates!

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Microsoft Silverlight Mobile coming to Nokia, wakeup Adobe!

microsoft_silverlight_cWOW, Nokia and Microsoft getting together to put Silverlight on Nokia devices. This includes Nokia S60, S40 and Tablet (Maemo) devices. Thats really cool!

Nokia’s official press release is here.

Here are some notable excerpts from deferent sources:

The expectation is that Silverlight will be embedded on new Nokia devices and downloadable to those already in the market.

view source

At MIX, Nokia will demonstrate Silverlight applications on its Series 60 and Series 40 handsets, and announce a beta program for its runtime. Phones with Silverlight should be on sale from the end of this year.

Microsoft will be developing a portability kit so Nokia can port Silverlight from the desktop to its mobile platform; that kit eventually will be available to other handset providers as well, Honeybone said.

^ view source

Microsoft chose to work with Nokia because it has the largest market share of mobile phones, but it will sign on with other handset makers to create ports of Silverlight, Case said.

All the main features of Silverlight, including video and interactive Web application development, will be included in all mobile versions.

But there will be some device-specific restraints, which means Microsoft will create editions of Silverlight for different mobile platforms, he said.

^ view source

Support for S40 platform is great move. So, Nokia making Silverlight to their own proprietary S40 platform means other companies can do it as well = more number of devices from mid-level to high-end smartphones.

Microsoft is now looking quite aggressive with Silverlight strategy, which is a good sign. Its always good to have competition.

My thoughts about Flash Lite and Silverlight Mobile

Adobe Flash Lite is here for long time, but it has been moving forward really slow. We have seen three updates to Flash Lite from 2003, but all the updates focused on performance and memory management, except from Flash Lite 1.x to 2, which added AS1/2 support.

Flash Lite is implemented in deferent modes. Which include wallpaper, screensaver, MMI/Phone menu system (Man Machine Interface, only available to OEMs), and standalone. The standalone implementation is something which offer developers to make applications and casual games, but its very much limited with access to device specific functions, like simple File I/O.

Recently released Flash Lite 3 adds FLV video support, but it adds limitation for application to be local-only or network-only. Applications made for Flash Lite 1.1 and 2 which use network fails silently on Flash Lite 3.

The other limitation is Flash Lite player available from Adobe is for developers “only”. Developers cannot distribute it with their games / applications or suggest users to download from Adobe’s website. They have to wait for a year or so, for devices to come with pre-installed version of Flash Lite that application requires.

Adobe have two big products (Flash Cast and Flash Home) which are based on same Flash Lite technology, but targeted towards mobile operators. Not available to developers, even for development.

For what I see is, Flash Lite standalone was developed to prepare developers for Flash Cast and Flash Home products. Flash Lite does not feature proper pack-and-distribute system, like J2ME, PyS60 and now Nokia’s WRT have. But there are solutions like SWF2Go, to tackle that.

Microsoft is coming from behind, and they have been learning from mistakes Macromedia/Adobe made in past. Silverlight Mobile can learn a lot from J2ME and Adobe’s Flash Lite *experiment*.

In another article, I found that Silverlight will eventually come as offline as well, just like AIR. So, we can expect an offline version of Silverlight Mobile as well.

I’m now waiting for the beta version of Silverlight Mobile *runtime* to see what it have to offer for developers.

This post looks a bit anti-Adobe, but its a fact that I’m a long-time Flash / Flash Lite developer and I hope Adobe could see what I have been trying to highlight here :)

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Going to FITC 2008? Get this Mobile Event Guide by Thomas Joose

Thomas has just posted an updated and final version of FITC 2008 Mobile Event Guide on his blog.

If you’re going to FITC 2008, this guide would be your best companion. The application features slick graphical design and animations, while keeping all the schedule and building map on your finger tips. A must have!

Download now.

Here are couple of screenshots for your pleasure.

FITC08_Mobile_02 FITC08_Mobile_01

There’s also a SIS version of the application for S60 devices, its powered by SWF2Go ;)

Have good time at FITC08!

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Announcing SWF2Go Professional 1.5 with Flash Lite 3.0 support

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to announce that we have just updated SWF2Go website with latest details about new release of SWF2Go Professional 1.5. The number one SWF Launcher and SIS Packing toolkit for Flash Lite developers.

This new version adds support for latest Adobe Flash Lite Player 3.0 and Symbian Signed certification among many other enhancements. Start making Flash Video based applications today!

This new version was available to previously registered customers as free upgrade for about a month. Now its available for everyone!


During the beta testing, SWF2Go 1.5 built SIS files were successfully passed the regular Symbian Signed testing. Recently we have got confirmation from one of our client that he have successfully signed about 10 SWF2Go made SIS files through new Symbian Signed Express.

I’m really proud that there are now many SWF2Go made commercial Flash Lite based applications out there. For example,

There are many more, I’m going to make a proper list of all the applications made with SWF2Go publicly available on Internet and post it on SWF2Go website soon.

And with this new release, we hope to see many more in near future :)

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Flash Lite Indian travel guide on “Mysore Dasara”, made with SWF2Go

Few days back Vivek released an Indian travel guide on “Mysore Dasara” cultural festival. The application is built on top of Adobe Flash Lite 1.1 technology.

It will work on almost all Flash Lite enabled mobile devices, but it will give better experience on 240×320 resolution screens. On my Nokia E50, it looks great.

Vivek has also posted a video tour of this application on his blog. check it out as well.

For Symbian S60 devices, SWF2Go is used to make SIS installer and menu icon for this interactive travel guide.

Nice work Vivek, and keep it up.

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Unlocked iPhone and iPhone SDK in Feb 2008

I got this news via fiercewireless.com newsletter. This is really a big news I guess, but there’s a catch. AT&T have a deal with Apple, and US guys won’t be getting an unlocked iPhone officially at least for next 4-5 years. But rest of the world where Apple didn’t made any “exclusive sales” deals, for example China, where already number of clones are on sale.

The second part of the Jobs open letter is a bit interesting, the iPhone SDK will be available in Feb 2008, and it will allow developers to create “native” applications. I think Apple will use similar signing process, as Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices do, to protect users from malware and viruses. Its good thinking as far as process for signing remains simple and fast, like Symbian Express Signing that will be in affect from early November.

So, I think we can expect a Flash Lite 3.0 player for iPhone pretty soon ;)

Read Jobs open letter here

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