• New Project: PSL Selfie Maker
    As the scene is on for Pakistan Super League season 7, I quickly made a profile picture maker online tool so fans can show love for their teams by wearing a badge on social media profiles. Check it out online at ➡️ PSL7 Selfie Maker Video demo of the app:
  • IoT Starter Kit for Makers
    There are so many situations where you’d want to add automation to an electrical appliance, remotely control it or to keep check on it in real time. You’d probably start by making an Arduino based hardware device with needed components / modules. Programming firmware to read values and take actions based on those values, or just publish the values online … Read more
  • Drawing Rotated Lines and Bitmaps with Arduino
    Often you need to draw a line at certain angle, and you find it hard to recall the math you learned in school to do this calculation. Same was the case with me recently when I was working on DashPanel-Arduino project. First, I searched for ready to use snippet someone posted online, but I was out of luck. As the … Read more
  • Project DashPanel-Arduino
    Starting a new open source project DashPanel-Arduino. The aim is to develop a low-cost, easy to make gadget to show usable info for trip. It uses Arduino framework on ESP8266 WiFi enabled microcontroller. The list of components is quite short at the moment, 1x ESP8266 ModeMCU compatible DevKit 1x GPS module – blox NEO M6 2x OLED 0.96″ displays – … Read more
  • Font Converter for Arduino
    Currently working on a DIY project for my SUV where I needed to use ESP8266 WiFi enabled microcontroller with two tiny I2C displays and a GPS. I found a great display library by Daniel who goes by the name Squix, known for sharing Weather Station and other awesome open source projects. If you’re into DIY embedded hardware, do check out … Read more
  • QR Coder – Version 2
    This is an update to my original QR Coder browser bookmark script. It’s been a while, and the Google Chart APIs I was using for this stopped working few days ago. This is my daily use app, and unfortunately there’s still no way to easily transfer text info from one device to another without going through cloud. In this update, … Read more
  • Auto Discovery for Photon Server in Unity
    Unity has become my first choice for most of the projects I do. Majority of them are branded games, some with custom hardware interaction, and some just plain apps. The best thing about Unity is, it’s easy as Flash was for quick drag’n drop design and interaction components, plus it’s way more powerful and extendable. Now back to the topic. In … Read more
  • Imminent Death of Adobe Flash
    My fellow Flash developers, this post’s title and the post is not to start a new flaming war on the subject, it’s just an opinion which you may or may not agree with. I posted some of the following ideas in a private forum, so I thought I’d just save some typing and add some more thoughts in original forum … Read more
  • I’m Back, Again!
    It’s exactly one year and 9 days since I last posted on this blog. I had some issues with my MySQL DB for this blog which was wrongly set to some other encoding, than UTF8. After exporting my blog data, then re-installing latest WordPress, then importing data back in, fixing, tweaking settings. Now this is the first post after the … Read more
  • Slides and Code From Mobile Game Development with Adobe Flash Workshop
    Recently I did couple of workshop for Mobile Game Development with Adobe Flash at Jinnah University for Women. In first one we covered basics and getting used to the Flash Pro IDE, and basics of ActionScript 3, Timeline, MovieClips and other concepts in Flash. In 2nd follow-up workshop, we did some intermediate experiments, and completed a game, Popcornia, with real … Read more